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Docked at Starbase 1

Launched in the 2240s, the first Constitution class starship, the NCC-1700 sparked hope and rekindled the flame of the Federation's mission to seek out new life and new civilizations, boldly in the face of escalating conflict and simmering tension that boiled over into an all out war with the Klingon Empire.

From 2256 through 2257, a bloody and brutal conflict between two of the galactic powers caused severe fractures in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. With a suturing of peace barely holding it together, the Federation and Klingon Empire face the lingering of threat of the Gorn Hegemony.

Aggressive, cold blooded, and ruthless - The Gorn are what nightmares are made of. They've infested the Beta Quadrant and have clawed their way deeper into the Alpha Quadrant. With the assault on Parnassus Beta, a Federation colony in 2259, war seems inevitable.

With her Captain missing in action, command of the USS Arcadia falls upon a newly minted First Officer, Lieutenant Commander Kelly Kerrigan. Under his command the crew of the Arcadia are on a five-year mission of bridging relationships within the Federation and her broader allies, strengthening defenses, providing aid and relief to worlds hit the hardest, and protecting Federation assets at all costs. The USS Arcadia is not a ship of war; it is a ship of peace and a beacon of hope in the abyss.


Mild swearing is permitted, with limitations on some moderate language. (The use of vulgar obscenities are limited. Words like fu**, etc. should be sparingly.)

Sexual content is permitted with some limitations. Explicit sex, pornography, or too much detail is not. (Keep it tasteful--more foreplay and emotion, less detail.)

Violence is permitted, with limitations. (Describe it, do it, but don't go into detail. Don't be explicit.)

Co-Game Managers: Ray & Kat

Latest Mission Posts

» Counselling a Commander Under Pressure

Mission: Lacertae Mortis
Posted on Mon Feb 19th, 2024 @ 10:51pm by Lieutenant Commander Kelly Kerrigan & Lieutenant Lanna Alexander

After taking in the Arcadia's bridge Lanna had marveled at the site that lay before her, to say it was an impressive ship was an understatement. She offered a polite smile and nod of her head to those busy working as she sought to locate the man in charge. She…

» Food, Ideas, & Deals

Mission: Lacertae Mortis
Posted on Mon Feb 19th, 2024 @ 10:49pm by Lieutenant Commander Kelly Kerrigan & Finley Walker


Fin wiped down the last table before opening. It had been done last night but needed doing again. The restaurant would take new ownership soon and Fin wanted it tip top. Of course it would be a mess after breakfast and lunch were complete but cleaning was as meditative…

» Dr. McDonald Medicine Grouch

Mission: Lacertae Mortis
Posted on Sun Feb 18th, 2024 @ 10:09pm by Lieutenant Commander Kelly Kerrigan & Lieutenant Commander Oscar McDonald MD

When Lieutenant Commander Kelly Kerrigan was reviewing some of the personnel selections that Captain Rohda Morelli. It had been perplexing to Kelly as to why Captain Morelli had chosen to snag Doctor Oscar McDonald for the USS Arcadia's five year mission ahead. That was until Kelly did more of a…

» Together again

Mission: Lacertae Mortis
Posted on Fri Feb 16th, 2024 @ 10:47pm by Lieutenant Lanna Alexander & Lieutenant JG Jarin Alexander, MD

Dropping back to her quarters Lanna entered to see Jarin’s medical bag sitting neatly on the floor by the door. Smiling she headed for the bedroom, No doubt where Jarin was organising his things ready for duty. She practically ran in, giving him a big hug and a romantic kiss.…

» Work in Progress

Mission: Lacertae Mortis
Posted on Mon Jan 29th, 2024 @ 1:03pm by Lieutenant Commander Oscar McDonald MD

With a spoonful of frustration, a dash of annoyance and just a hint of exasperation, Doctor Oscar McDonald paused for just a moment to ponder why he didn’t give more serious consideration to retirement. After all, during some of his darkest days, hadn’t he spent endless hours mapping out how…

Latest Personal Logs

» Bad Dreams and New Assignments

Posted on Tue Jan 30th, 2024 @ 12:50pm by Lieutenant JG Sawyer Leighton


"Computer Start Personal Log"

The computer buzzed and whirred to life as soon Sawyer walked into his now spartan quarters on Starbase one. He had spent the last 4 days packing up his room and getting ready to transfer to the USS Arcadia.

"Well here we are 2 years…

» Once upon a time

Posted on Mon Jan 29th, 2024 @ 9:22am by Ensign Aurora Ng

Start log. "Character as strong as stainless steel, with an uncompromising character."

One aspect of Chinese culture is the emphasis on knowing one's place in the universe. Your birth order determines your seniority in the family and expectation to venerate your elders, for they are the ones who accumulate knowledge…

» Temporary Home

Posted on Sun Jan 14th, 2024 @ 9:57pm by Lieutenant Calliope Ito


Calliope carried her tea over to the table and gently lowered herself into the chair. She pulled out her leather-bound journal and a pen and after a small sip of tea she opened it to page one and began her daily journal practice.

Personal Log,

I just arrived but…